After sales service

Our most important is the after-sales service policy, focusing on after-sales service for customers.

Experienced team

The company has a team with experience and expertise ready to give advice. It's good about machines.

Fixed within 24 hours

We have an experienced team. so that customers can be confident that Your machine will be fixed within 24 hours.

Mori-Tech Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Looking for machine
“ look for MORI-TECH ”

Mori-Tech Machinery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. eThe company focus on the machine quality. We are mostly focus on the after-sales service policy by the well experience and professional team, so the customers can be sure that your machine will be fix or repair within 24 hours. We also welcome for consulting about the machine as our slogan "Looking for machine, look for MORI-TECH"

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Mori-Tech Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Business importing from Japan Taiwan and China Distributor of machinery, tools and spare parts of all types of machines.



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- We have a repair service for all kinds of machines -