Machining Center



Vertical Machining Center V Series Features

High-precision spindle, direct drive, the standard speed is 12000rpm, with product and mold processing and cutting performance.

The three-axis adopts C3 grade screw, roller linear guide, with good shock resistance, high rigidity, high processing accuracy and processing efficiency, and strong load-bearing capacity; it can better meet the needs of precision parts, products and precision molds.


CNC Machine Features:

1.The direct short-nosed spindle design effectively improves the cutting rigidity of the spindle and reduces tool wear.

2.The unique structural design, the column adopts a multi-layer cross rib structure, combined with a large span design; it provides the machine tool with excellent rigidity and resistance to bending and torsion, so that the machine tool has high-speed motion stability.

3.The cast iron of the whole machine is made of high-synthetic cast iron (HT300 material), which has undergone multi-process processing and multiple tests to eliminate stress, ensuring the high stability of the machine body and achieving high rigidity cutting performance.

4.It adopts preloaded roller linear rail, which has good torque and shock resistance; C3 grade screw has low starting torque, high efficiency and best transmission force; reasonable pretension of bearings to achieve zero backlash and high rigidity.

5.Using laser interference technology and dynamic balance debugging technology to reduce spindle vibration, so that the machine tool has high-quality positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy, so that the machine tool has the best cutting performance.