Fiber Laser Marking Machine



model: LB-F20

type: Optical fiber laser marking machine

coolant system: air cooling

Average output power: 20W

laser wavelength: 1064nm

repetition frequency: 20kHz-30kHz

carving depth: ≤0.3mm

scanning speed: 7000mm/s

repeated accuracy: ±0.002mm

Photoelectric: conversion rate 30%

controlling power range: 0-100%

marking scope: 110mm*110mm

power: 220V/AC/50/60Hz 单相,600W

size: (WxLxH) 820mm×700mm×1200mm

Control system: Windows, AutoCAD,Coreldraw,Photoshop, Control softwareworks under the Windows platform compatible with AutoCAD, Coreldraw, Photoshop and other software, can mark patterns, bar code, Chinese and English characters, product flow serial number.